Backpacking Trips to Islands

Insulaphilia is the love of islands, and I suffer from it badly. I love visiting them, I love writing about them and I love reading about them ... For as long as I can remember I've suffered from insulaphilia ... There is something magical about islands. The remoteness of them, the fact you need to put in some effort to get there, is part of it. The insularity is important too: the feeling you get on an island that youíre somewhere different, somewhere self-contained, somewhere itís not easy to escape from.

Doug Johnstone, journalist

Islands are not like other places: they are shaped by their isolation.

Rosanne Alexander, environmentalist

A journey to an island, arriving by boat, always feels like an adventure, heading across unknown waters to an unknown land. Islands often have their own distinct characters, expressed by their unique landscapes and the activities of their inhabitants, past and present. This website is dedicated to backpacking trips to islands and archipelagos around Britain and its immediate neighbours of Norway, the Faroe Islands and Iceland, exploring the vast former Viking sea kingdom.

My main interests are the incredible landscapes and seascapes offered by islands, with a personal preference for the juxtaposition of mountains and sea. Also of interest are the impressive megalithic structures constructed by island dwellers around Britain, the first flourishing of a culture that would later spread to mainland. There's some overlap with my trips exploring megalithic Britain, with visits to Orkney, the Outer Hebrides and Arran being the most notable.